Swedish Massage

A full body relaxation experience given through gentle touch and long strokes towards the heart. Swedish massage can help promote blood flow, increase the level of oxygen in the blood stream, decrease stress, ease the tension of muscles, and allow for a mental escape.
60 Minute $85 | 90 minute $110

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic massage given with a more intense pressure designed to release chronic muscle tension by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Deep tissue massage is also beneficial in boosting mood and relaxation by triggering the release of serotonin. A great choice for athletes and those seeking specific injury work.
60 Minute $100| 90 Minute $130

Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Release is a technique used to target connective tissue called fascia. Fascia is what holds and surrounds all of your muscles and all structures to allow fluid movement. However, over time, this tissue can become very restricted and "stuck" and could cause pain, a decrease in range of motion, heavy/restricted sensations, or pain-spam-pain patterns, just to name a few.

60 Minute $100| 90 Minute $130

Sports Massage

Whether a student athlete, a pro athlete, or someone interested in preventing any soft tissue injuries, a sports massage could be beneficial. This massage can include a focal point on a specific area that may have endured a previous injury all while having healing in mind. Speak with a massage therapist to create a care plan that aligns with your goals.

60 Minute $110| 90 Minute $140

Prenatal Massage

A nurturing treatment to reduce stress and promote overall wellness by relieving the discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, edema and headaches. Prenatal massage can be performed in a side lying position with supportive soft cushions to alleviate the extra strain on the lower back pelvic areas. Through the second and third trimester many women enjoy the opportunity to lay face down in a specialized pregnancy bolster which is safe for baby and unbelievably comfortable for mama.

60 Minute $90 | 90 Minute $115

Oncology Massage

Gentle touch and gentle massage techniques are used by a certified oncology massage therapist to safely work with the complication of cancer and cancer treatment. The massage is modified according to the full spectrum of cancer-related issues: the physical, psycho-social and emotional consequences of cancer. In addition, the person’s individual goals are considered and aspects of the disease and cancer treatment side effects. Personal goals for receiving oncology massage can include the desire for a respite – a relaxing pleasurable experience in the midst of everything that is going on – relieving nausea or other symptoms such as pain or peripheral neuropathy.

60 Minute $90 | 90 Minute $115

Lymphatic Massage

Lymph Drainage Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive technique that can help alleviate numerous conditions related to pregnancy, including engorgement, sore nipples, clogged ducts and relief from chronic inflammation and pre- and post-surgical applications. Lymphatic massage is an excellent maintenance therapy for the immune system.

60 Minute $90 | 90 Minute $115

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

The salt stone massage is a magical experience that leaves your body and soul completely refreshed. Similar to traditional hot stone, the stones are heated and warm and used as an extension of the therapists hand. Uniquely, the salt stones are composed of 84 naturally occurring minerals and omit negative ions promoting balance. The more porous salt stones gently exfoliate your entire body leaving you silky smooth from head to toe. Himalayan sea salt can help lower blood pressure, boost immune systems, prevents muscle cramps, helps reduce inflammation and alleviates headaches and migraines.

60 Minute $100 | 90 Minute $130

Thai Massage

Thai massage is intensely different from traditional massage but equally as beneficial in the ways of relaxation, pain and stress relief, and well-being. A Thai massage is performed on a specialized mat on the floor and uses no lotions or oils. The client remains fully clothed during the session, (we recommend light, comfortable, and stretchy clothing). Unlike traditional massage, instead of using hands to rub muscles, the therapist uses her own body to form the client's body into different yoga-like positions, stretching, rocking, compressing, and pulling. The process is very rhythmic, and tailored to each individual's needs and capabilities. Thai massage can increase circulation, mobilize joints, balance energy, address muscle spasms, relax and energize, and is especially helpful to those suffering from sciatica and/or headaches and migraines.

90 Minutes $125

Tranquil Signature Massage

The use of our certified organic FarmHouse Fresh products creates the ultimate experience with vitamin rich oils, scrubs and creams. Our signature massage is tailored for natural appeal to the body's sensory receptors. Quinsyberry or Citrus Cilantro body oils combined with our stone crop body scrub on the feet, and sunflower honey butter on both your hands and feet, create a botanical symphony sure to deliver a deeper level of relaxation. This balance restoring massage is designed to introduce our guests to the signature level of care that is unique to our detail-oriented team here at Tranquil Balance.

60 Minute $105 | 90 Minute $135

Mellow Moon Child CBD Massage

Quiet your mind and body with this head-to-toe CBD oil treatment. FarmHouse Fresh Rainbow Maker is a fast absorbing Full Spectrum Hi-Bio hemp. The naturally warming cinnamon cassia bark extract will stimulate your senses for a truly Mellow massage. Soft earthy scents combined with the CBD-rich Mellow Moon Dip Body Mousse used on the hands and feet is the finishing touch on this zen-sensational treatment.

60 Minute $100| 90 Minute $130


CBD $10

Add CBD to your full body massage to receive benefits such as anti-inflammatory and relaxation. Your choice of CBD oil or body butter!

Hot Salt Stones $15

Enhance your experience even more by adding hot salt stones to your massage. Stones are heated and used as an extension to the therapists hands.

Foot Scrub $10

Stone Crop Body Scrub is used to exfoliate and invigorate your feet, followed by relaxing hot towels and honey butter balm to deeply hydrate.

Hand Treatment $10

Quench dry hands with this hydrating hand treatment. Farmhouse Fresh honey butter is generously applied and massaged into hands, and then placed in warm and mitts to deeply penetrate and heal dry skin.

Body Treatments

Love yourself Body Scrub

Take care of the skin you're in. Spend 90 minutes receiving the perfect full body treatment; a full body scrub using Eminence Organics Stone Crop Scrub followed by ultra relaxing hot towels and a Swedish Massage using Stone Crop body oil. This is the idea service to achieve full body exfoliation and hydration.

90 minutes $135

Tranquil Restorative Body Wrap

Treat yourself to this ultra relaxing and hydrating body treatment. This restorative gel body wrap contains stone crop, aloe and powerful actives to hydrate, rejuvenate and brighten the look of skin from head to toe. While wrapped up in an ultra warm and cozy blanket, enjoy a relaxing head neck and face massage while the benefits of the product absorb into your pores. The hot towel treatment and massage with our Stone Crop body oil will leave you feeling soothed, plumped and hydrated.

90 minutes $150


Float Therapy

A luxurious hour (or 90 minutes) off the grid with effortless floating. Our float rooms have a small pool with 11 inches of water which is infused with 1000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt. The water and air are both heated to your skin temperature giving you a completely neutral environment. It eliminates all of the pressure of gravity from your bones, joints and muscles and provides a much needed break for your mind. While in the float your spine lengthens an inch and spending an hour in the float is comparable to 4 hours of deep sleep for your body and mind. Float therapy can relieve many symptoms including; fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, headaches, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, anxiety, depression and Insomnia.

30 Minute $45 | 60 Minute $65 | 90 Minute $85


Tranquil Signature Facial

Great for all skin types, this facial is tailored to your skins individual needs. Weather you are looking for ultra hydration, or brightening and smoothing, customized masks have you covered in this indulgent facial. A tailored peel for your skin type will leave you glowing. Finishing this facial, an ultra relaxing, aromatherapy scalp treatment is included, and will leave you feeling ultra pampered.

60 minutes $130


Our Signature Hydrofacial treatment includes a double cleanse, glycolic exfoliation, precise extractions, as well as infusions of anti aging serums to nourish and plump the skin. This facial will help improve collagen regeneration and skin elasticity, unclog and tighten pores, and thoroughly cleanse while delivering hydration and nourishment with no down time. *Must refrain from using any prescription Retinol 2 weeks prior to your facial, and over the counter Retinol 48 hours prior to your facial

60 minutes $155

Dermaplaning Facial

Great for all skin types, this facial is great before a special event, or just for removing unwanted facial hair. Using a medical grade blade, your esthetician will remove dead skin and unwanted vellus hair leaving your skin baby soft. Our dermaplaning facial starts with a double cleanse and skin analysis, and includes post dermaplaning mask, massage, and moisturize to protect your new fresh skin. See your make up go on smoother and your skin care products penetrate quicker with this amazing service.


Age Defying Facial

Age Defying Fountain of Youth. This firming and lifting treatment is created for skin that shows some signs of aging, dullness, and fine wrinkles. Tailored to your skin type, a custom peel will help to regenerate your skin and leave you glowing. This facial will boost your collagen production, infuse your skin with powerful antioxidant-rich Bio complex, diminish signs of aging, and firm your skin. Included in this facial is a complementary collagen eye treatment to help brighten and firm around the delicate eye area.

60 minute $125

Calming Rosacea Facial

This Facial is ideal for sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin is a broad term covering red, heated, sensitive, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis conditions. Using Hungarian spices to gently flush toxins, we will reduce red skin and calm with our healing refreshing treatment. LED lights are used during this facial to combat redness and inflammation while you enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

60 Minutes $110

Probiotic Clear Skin Facial

This Facial is ideal for skin types experiencing acne breakouts. Acne is a broad term covering blemish breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads. Even though acne is more known to be a problem among teenagers and individuals with oily skin, this condition can strike at any age and any skin type. Includes extractions, clarifying masks, and High Frequency. High Frequency oxygenates the surface of the skin to kill bacteria, increase circulation and help to detoxify, and minimizes redness and inflammation.

60 Minutes $110

Gentleman's Custom Facial

A personalized facial designed for the modern man. Shaving and environmental assault deplete the skin of much needed nourishment and protection. By focusing on your particular skin care needs and requests, our Esthetician will develop a personalized facial and follow up regimen. The result is healthier, more resilient skin.

60 Minutes $100

Seasonal Facial

No matter the season, our shelves are stocked with Eminence Organics products designed to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Whether you are dry from the cool winter air, or trying to beat the results of the hot summer sun, we have a facial ready for you with climate in mind. Eminence's pure and powerful ingredients will have you ready to face any season!

60 Minutes $110

Back Facial

This treatment is specifically designed for the back, treating it to a thorough cleanse, exfoliation with Eminence Stone Crop body scrub, mask and custom products for your skin type. Leaving your back purified and hydrated, you will love this relaxing back facial.

60 minutes $95

Facial Enhancements

Collagen Eye Treatment $15

Add special attention to the delicate eye area with this anti-aging treatment. First our Eminence Plum eye mask is applied, followed bye collagen under eye treatment. A warmed herbal eye mask is applied to help the product deeply penetrate.

Lip Treatment $10

Treat your lips to this hydrating treatment! We start with our citrus enzyme lip exfoliator, and then hydrate and plump with Eminence lip comfort plumping mask.

Antiaging Hand Treatment $10

Our hands can be the first place to show signs of aging. During this treatment our enzyme mask is applied to hands to help even skin tone and fade dark spots, we then seal in hydration with our Farmhouse Fresh Honey Butter Balm while hands relax in cozy mitts.

Scalp Massage $15

Pamper yourself by adding a relaxing scalp massage on to any facial. Scalp massage is said to offer a variety of benefits, which may include stress relief, reduction in headaches and migraines, and boost blood flow.

LED Lights $15

This painless, non invasive LED light therapy uses different wavelengths of light stimulating the skins natural repair and rejuvenating process. Treats specific skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, Using pigmentation, and rosacea.

High Frequency $15

Using the high frequency wand on the surface of the skin, a production of oxygen rich molecules act to kill bacteria beneath the skins surface. Toxins are pushed away by the skins natural warming, and the skins collagen and elastin will be improved.

Brows and Lashes

Lash Extensions

Enhance your look with our Mauvella lash extensions! Custom style to your preference, our lash tech will create the look you desire based on your consultation. You can expect your lashes to last up to four weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle and every day lifestyle.

Full Set $145 Fill (2-3 weeks after full set) $90

Lash Lift

Lash lifting is a perm for your lashes, opening your eyes and giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes without extensions. This treatment is safe and gentle, and lasts up to six weeks! $60 ($75 with lash tint)

Lash Tint

Go mascara free! Tinting of the lashes creates the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes. $35

Brow Tint

Brow tinting creates more definition, and less time. Coloring with a safe hair tint, a natural look is achieved. A great add on to a facial or can be done in combination with a lash tint! $25

Brow Lamination

This treatment is a semi-permanent perm for your eyebrow hairs, creating a fuller look. $45

Full Waxing Services

Eyebrow $20

Upper Lip $12

Chin $14

Bikini $50

Half Arm $25

Full Arm $40

Half Leg $38

Full Leg $62

Back $50

Underarm -$24

Teen Spa Services

Teen services are designed for those between the ages of 13 and 17. Kindly be reminded that a parent or legal guardian must be present, in the room at the time of service, for the entire duration of the service. Please select the Teen Service option when booking online, or clearly indicate an underage guest when booking over the phone.

Teen Float services DO require a parent/guardian present at check in for paperwork, but DO NOT have to stay in the float room for the duration of the service.

Teen Float $65

Teen Massage $85

Teen Facial $95

Dear Clients,

Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for any spa booking. Any cancellation made the day of your appointment, or no show, will result in a 50% fee of the scheduled service to the credit card provided at booking. By the 3rd day of cancellation or no show, 100% of the scheduled service(s) will be applied.

Please do your best to notify us in advance if you cannot attend your appointment, and we will gladly find time to reschedule for you.

Yours sincerely,

The Tranquil Balance Team.

Our Wellness Program

At Tranquil Balance, we strongly believe that to achieve and realize the full benefits of massage and float therapy, regular sessions should be become a part of your routine. Our membership is designed to benefit those who visit frequently by helping make necessary self care a more affordable option.

Your year long membership is activated after a one time fee of $89. During your active membership period, you will enjoy members only pricing. In addition, you receive $10 off all other services, (excluding waxing and sauna). No pressure, no automatic charges to your credit card, just an incentive for you to be good to yourself.