First Time?

We are a hidden gem here in East Lyme, so for your first time we want to be sure you do not have any trouble finding us. We are located on the corner of Flanders behind CVS and next to the Tri-town Market. Find the glass door in-between the store fronts that reads "professional offices", head upstairs and to the left and you will find us waiting for you.

A Guide to Your First Float

Once you arrive, you will be given instructions and a walk through on the simple float procedure. The following list is a guide of what is to be expected:

  1. Prior to entering the water all clients must put ear plugs in (provided).
  2. Disrobe, bathing suits are allowed though not recommended as they can distract from the experience
  3. Shower thoroughly, all soap, shampoo and conditioners are supplied
  4. Turn off room light
  5. Enter float area and just let go!
  6. There are under water lights that you control and although we recommend turning them off it is up to each individual
  7. Music will be playing when you first enter the float water and there is a light on both will turn off after approximately 8 minutes.
  8. The light and music will softly resume approx. 5 minutes before your float time concludes
  9. Exit the float room and shower thoroughly
  10. Dress and exit float area at your leisure
  11. A private vanity room with mirrors, hair dryers etc. is available
  12. We strongly recommend that all of our clients take time to enjoy the peaceful environment of our relaxation space with a beverage. The benefits of a float can last up to 24 hours.